How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

There is no doubt, electric cars are our future. They represent a new way to drive more sustainable for our environment and at the state-of-the-edge of the technology. If once you have thought about change your combustion car for an 100% electric car, the first question you will think about is: How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

The charging price of an electric vehicle is depending on various characteristics. For example, it can depend according to the place where you choose to charge. Charging in supermarkets, public place or at home has a distinct impact on the recharging cost. Charging electric car on public environments is a way different than charging on privates.

Charging cost of an electric car on public place or commercial environments

Some supermarkets, malls and hotels offer recharging your electric vehicle for free. An option very interested but limited on time during the payment.

Charging the car on public environments, as City Hall public squares, has a cost around 8 to 20 euros per month. In Spain, it exists currently 11 500 recharging points on public place in which you can charge at different power: low (3,7 kW), medium (from 7,4 to 22 kW) or fast (50 kW). The most common charge is the semi-fast (from 7,4 to 22 kW), at the price of 0,15€/kWh.

In electric stations you would find various recharging points from 22 kW to 150 kW of power. Fast but more expensive: from 0,29€ to 0,79€/kWh.

Charging cost of an electric car at home

Buying a charger for your house can be a solution. Even if the installation and the cost of the charge itself require an investment, the benefits are very interesting. The installation cost is around 1 200€. You can charge in your garage whenever you want and configure the electricity price and check the consumption cost.

If you want to reduce the charging cost, you can do the charge during off-peak hours. On weekends or on weekday nights (from 00h to 8h), the charging cost can be reduced by up to half.

The charging price at home is usually of 0,25€/kWh. The huge difference is the power to manage and configure charges from your phone, computer, or tablet thanks to the latest technology V2C Cloud.

To calculate how much would cost a recharge of full battery, you have to multiply the price of each kWh by the number of kWh that your electric vehicle’s battery has. Now you know different options for charging a vehicle. And around how much you will have to pay for them. Whether on public roads or in a private parking space, the cost of charging an electric car is always lower than refueling.

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