V2C will supply electric chargers to the start up Pboox

The Spanish company V2C, based in Valencia and a national reference in the manufacture of charging stations (wallboxes) for electric vehicles of all models available, has reached an agreement for development, manufacture and supply of electric chargers for scooter to the also valencian start-up company PBoox.

The partnership signed by the CEO of the company V2C, Victor Sanchis, and the CEO of the company PBoox, Fernando González, concerns the development of an intelligent charging system for PBoox, with projects starting in 2020 and ending in 2021. This rapid development is based on the know-how of the company V2C on electric mobility and the need for a quick response to market needs.

Both companies believe that this agreement helps to promote green and sustainable mobility, which is increasing and is very necessary in our cities.

Meet PBoox

PBoox is a newly founded company, whose mission is to offer solutions for the secure parking of electric scooters, while charging the vehicles. Its solutions include technological systems for the storage of electric scooters and support to the user throught the supply of accessories, such as protective equipment, which allow the vehicle to be used for different purposes, such as commercial, cultural or recreational activities.

All operation can be controlled from an application, which has a release date for very soon.