V2C and Satero partner for the distribution of electric vehicle chargers in the Netherlands

V2C announces a strategic partnership with the Dutch distributor that will facilitate the expansion of its range of e-Chargers.

The agreement brings together V2C’s experience in the e-Chargers sector and Satero’s extensive knowledge of the Dutch e-Mobility market. V2C is a leading Spanish technology company, which has more than 7 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of e-Chargers. This technology allows, among other benefits, to charge vehicles from the solar surplus and integrate to home automation systems. Satero will contribute its consolidated track record in the Dutch automotive market, with the aim of being the largest distributor in the energy transition towards electric mobility.

“This agreement will guarantee Dutch users access to the most innovative ways of charging and excellent customer support,” said Denis Earsman, V2C’s International Sales Manager. “The Netherlands is a world leader in electric mobility and, with this agreement, we will contribute to making this transition even better“.

“Satero is proud that V2C gives them the confidence to enter the Dutch market together. V2C’s quality products are very responsive to the changing energy industry and are a welcome addition to the existing range of charging stations in the Netherlands” said Johan van den Heuvel, owner of Satero.

This alliance consolidates V2C’s internationalization plan and contributes to meeting the objectives of expansion worldwide and leadership positioning in the transition toward sustainable and ecological mobility. The Spanish company is a pioneer in adapting to the requirements of the European Union through its range of chargers that consume less energy and significantly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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