V2C and Road: the alliance for more affordable electric vehicle charging

At V2C we are always looking for ways to make the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience more accessible, efficient and user-friendly. That’s why we are excited to announce our collaboration with Road, an EV charging management platform that has provided efficient solutions to more than 10,000 users over the past few years.

Integration of cutting-edge technology

This partnership has allowed us to complete the integration of our Pole Pro charger into the platform. As a result, from now on all users who use this platform to charge their electric vehicle will have access to a new advanced and innovative charging solution that is perfectly adapted to their needs.

Pole Pro by V2C

Pole Pro by V2C is more than just a charger: it is designed to meet the demands of multiple users in public and private spaces. Equipped with an RFID payment reader and smart charging technology, Pole Pro offers a hassle-free charging experience for drivers.

pole pro bluetooth

Centralised access

Now, thanks to the integration of Pole Pro into Road, electric vehicle drivers can easily access Pole Pro through a centralised platform. They no longer have to worry about dealing with multiple applications and payment systems.

Furthermore, this collaboration not only benefits EV drivers, but also shop owners and fleet managers. By integrating our chargers , we give them the opportunity to maximise the utilisation of their facilities and simplify the management of EV charging.

In short, the partnership between V2C and Road represents a step forward in the world of electric vehicle charging. We are committed to continue to innovate and collaborate with industry leaders to make the transition to electric mobility easier and more accessible for all.

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