V2C integrates Trydan to Monta, Europe’s leading recharging point management software platform

Trydan, the smart e-Charger for electric vehicles developed by V2C, is now integrated to Monta, Europe’s leading software platform that powers the electric vehicle ecosystem serving drivers, businesses, cities and the grid.

Monta integrates electric vehicle chargers into its platform to facilitate their use by users and thus boost e-mobility. The integration of the Trydan charger into Monta will enable electric vehicle drivers to access this high-quality charging solution.

Monta users will be able to charge their electric vehicles with greater ease and confidence thanks to the advanced technology offered by Trydan. ‘We are delighted to announce the integration of our Trydan e-Charger into the Monta platform. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to electric mobility and sustainability, and allows us to offer electric vehicle users a smart and easy-to-use charging solution on a platform that already has thousands of users across Europe,’ says Victor Sanchís, CEO of V2C.

The integration has been carried out using the OCPP 1.6 JSON protocol, an advanced solution in terms of communication between chargers and charging management platforms that incorporates Trydan.

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