Trydan launches new integration with Ingeteam’s hybrid inverter to charge the electric car with batteries

The Trydan electric vehicle charger, from the V2C brand, has been intelligently integrated with Ingeteam’s INGECON SUN STORAGE 1Play TL M hybrid inverter for single-phase residential installations.

This new integration allows users to decide whether they want to use their home batteries as an energy source to charge their electric vehicle, which can be configured easily and simply from Ingeteam’s own app (INGECON SUN Monitor). In this way, users can optimise the charging of their electric vehicle to the maximum, as they can choose to charge only during the day, use the energy stored in the domestic batteries to charge the car or use this energy for other household consumption, such as lighting or electrical appliances, at times of greater demand.

A great flexibility that allows users to pause the discharge of the energy stored in the batteries in time slots such as, for example, at night, when energy tariffs are usually cheaper.

A smart solution to optimise energy use and make efficient use of energy. Users can monitor all the information on the charging of their electric vehicle with solar panels and batteries on a daily, weekly and annual scale through the Ingeteam app.

Charging an electric vehicle with the batteries of a photovoltaic installation is an excellent way of making the most of the energy generated by the installation. The new integration carried out by V2C and Ingeteam highlights all these advantages, contributing to more efficient energy management and a reduction in electricity bill costs.

Ingeteam's hybrid inverter with Trydan e-Charger

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