Octopus and V2C partner to drive solar-powered electric car charging

V2C is proud to announce that Octopus, the UK’s second largest energy retailer, is now part of our community by becoming an installer of our e-Chargers. As an industry leader, this milestone is a major step forward in our commitment to more sustainable mobility. We tell you about it.

The agreement between V2C and Octopus

Electric mobility is booming and the sector continues to grow due to the demand for more sustainable solutions in terms of mobility. This, together with the development of the most innovative technologies, makes Octopus Energy bet on V2C chargers in its expansion in Spain.

The British company, present in Spain since 2021, will start offering its customers the installation of solar panels together with the electric car charger in the same service, being able to contract a cheaper solar tariff for their energy surplus. With this alliance, our e-Chargers will be integrated into the solar infrastructures developed by Octopus Energy.

The collaboration with V2C, a company with we share our goal of accelerating the energy transition and transforming the use of energy, reaffirms our commitment to innovation which, on this occasion, has allowed us to integrate the technology of their chargers with the solar installations of our customers. In addition, we already have more than 60 customers who have been able to enjoy the service of the two companies and the results have been optimal, since 21% of the energy of all their recharges have been with energy generated by their solar panels.

Roberto Giner, CEO of Octopus Energy Spain

e-Chargers with solar integration

Charging an electric car with solar panels contributes to the reduction of gas emissions and thus to the reduction of the carbon footprint. For this reason, and because of our commitment to sustainability, we are excited about this agreement with Octopus Energy.

Our chargers incorporate advanced features that allow you to charge your electric vehicle with surplus solar energy without using energy from the grid. In addition, they also have wireless connectivity to the solar inverter for easy charging. Not only that, but users also have the option to set up different types of PV charging in different time slots.

In this way, we are helping the UK retailer’s customers to charge their vehicles efficiently and join the way to the future.

We are excited to offer our chargers as an innovative and quality option for Octopus Energy customers, contributing together to the shift towards more efficient and sustainable electric mobility.

Victor Sanchis, CEO de V2C

This exciting agreement with Octopus Energy marks a milestone in our mission to drive sustainable mobility and the transition to a greener future. The combination of our advanced electric chargers with Octopus Energy’s clean, solar-generated power represents a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint and promoting a greener lifestyle.

We are committed to continuing to lead the electric vehicle charging industry by providing innovative solutions that benefit both our customers and the planet. This is just the beginning of a partnership that promises to revolutionise the way we think about electric mobility in Spain and beyond. Together, we are building a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable future for all.

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