We introduce V2C Installer Panel, the platform for installers that allows remote management of e-Chargers

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation: V2C Installer Panel. A new platform that allows the installer to access the chargers he has installed to manage them in real time in a completely remote way, avoiding travel and providing quick solutions to the user. We explain all the new features of this new platform and the advantages for both installers and owners of e-Chargers.

What is V2C Installer Panel?

V2C Installer Panel is a new platform designed specifically for installers of our chargers. It allows technicians to remotely access the chargers they have installed, providing an efficient solution for the configuration, modification and resolution of incidents in real time, without the need to travel physically.

In this way, professionals can offer a quick solution to any type of incident or query, minimising action times and ensuring a continuous and quality service to the user.

V2C Installer Panel not only simplifies the work of technicians, but also contributes to sustainability by reducing the need for displacements, thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with on-site visits.

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All that V2C Installer Panel allows

Real-Time Monitoring

With V2C Installer Panel, installers can monitor in real time the status of the chargers they have installed, including the last recorded charge.

Remote Configuration

Our platform allows installers to configure and adjust charger parameters remotely. This means they can tailor chargers to users’ needs, optimising energy efficiency and customer service.

Charging History

Installers can access a detailed charging history for each charger. This is useful for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting, as it provides a complete overview of the past and present performance of each charger.

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Benefits for Installers and End Users

  • Increased efficiency in resolving queries or issues
  • Improved customer service through proactive monitoring and support
  • Flexible and customised configuration to meet user needs
  • Increased reliability and availability of load for the end user
  • Reduced travel and operational costs

At V2C we are committed to the evolution of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to make the transition to more sustainable mobility easier and more convenient. V2C Installer Panel is an example of our ongoing commitment to innovation and the satisfaction of our Community.

From now on, installers can offer a more efficient service and end users can enjoy the best charging experience. What do you think about our latest innovation?

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