V2C and El Almacén Fotovoltaico, together in a successful training for e-Chargers installers in Granada

In our continuous effort to encourage the sustainable use of energy and promote electric mobility, we have recently carried out a joint training session with El Almacén Fotovoltaico, a leading online shop for solar energy in Spain.

The session, which took place on 28 September at the Chamber of Commerce of Granada, brought together installers of electric chargers and industry professionals, thus achieving a full capacity. In V2C we already teach different online courses for installers of electric car chargers, but this face-to-face event acquired a vital importance. Not only did it provide the participants with valuable knowledge about the Trydan charger, but it also highlighted the close relationship between the two companies, thus demonstrating the great performance of our charger to optimise solar energy to the maximum.

Imparting knowledge on the Trydan charger

The session was led by Hugo Mestre, Sales Manager at V2C, who took the opportunity to highlight the unique features and benefits of the e-Charger, designed specifically to lead the growing electric vehicle market.

During the training, Hugo provided a detailed explanation of Trydan’s operation, technical specifications, configuration and commissioning. Other topics such as the importance of efficient and safe charging were also covered.

Full capacity of installers: a booming business

The training was attended by numerous installers and partners, thus achieving a full capacity. This clearly reflects the growing interest and demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

At V2C we are aware of the rise of electric mobility. As designers and developers of e-Chargers, we work closely with industry professionals to provide them with the necessary skills and thus seize business opportunities.

Moving towards sustainable mobility

The training provided by V2C in collaboration with El Almacén Fotovoltaico has been a key event to advance the adoption of electric vehicles and strengthen the use of our sustainable charging technology with solar energy. The union of both companies has allowed us to offer a comprehensive and practical training, generating synergies between the experience in electric chargers of V2C and the experience in solar energy of El Almacén Fotovoltaico.

We are delighted to have shared our knowledge and experience with all attendees and to have received great support from El Almacén Fotovoltaico. We will continue to work to lead the transition to more sustainable mobility and contribute to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future.

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