The University of Zaragoza and V2C join forces to achieve smart energy management through artificial intelligence

The University of Zaragoza and V2C have joined forces to develop an open system to manage energy consumption in an intelligent and autonomous way when charging electric vehicles through artificial intelligence (AI).

This research project, called Smart Energy, aims to reduce the economic cost of electricity use, as well as CO2 emissions. A new and totally innovative solution that responds to the change of cycle in the electricity market, marked by the increase in consumption due to the growing electrification of many sectors and the promotion of electric vehicles.

All this will be carried out under the ‘V2C – Smart Energy Chair’. A collaboration instrument that was signed yesterday by the Vice-Chancellor of Technology Transfer and Innovation of the University of Zaragoza, Gloria Cuenca, and the CEO of V2C, Victor Sanchis.

With this strategic union, the Valencian company and the academic institution also aim to encourage the motivation of students on issues related to electric mobility through the creation of training courses and other cross-cutting activities.

V2C wants to offer added value to its e-Chargers and enhance sustainability

V2C designs and manufactures chargers for electric vehicles. With this alliance with the University of Zaragoza, the company aims to effectively reduce recharging time and cost thanks to an intelligent solution of maximum quality and efficiency.

The Smart Energy project will offer added value to its products, optimising the charger’s operation in real time to prioritise energy savings and sustainability. “This Chair allows us to work together on the intelligent use of energy for charging electric vehicles,” says Víctor Sanchís, CEO of V2C.

The Valencian company was a pioneer in promoting the transformation from combustion to electric vehicles. Currently, it has a strong presence both nationally and internationally: it sells its e-Chargers in more than ten markets around the world. An ambitious project that the company is promoting with the creation of new technological solutions.

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