Balance between different charge points

WallboxOk presents a new developed technology which is available on POLE and Wallbox Plus models. It is about balance between different charge points which aim is distribute the maximum power contracted between various vehicles equitatively.

Vehicles need to have incorporated the Cloud WallboxOk technology and have internet connection. In this way, the established points in the same group balance their power without exceeding the global maximum of kW.

A technology of last generation that allows distributing the maximum available between different vehicles. With this advance, it is guaranteed a simultaneous charge in environments where multiple charging points are connected to the same electric grid and subject to the same upper consumption limit.

Moreover, you can have full control of the charging points, being able to check when they connect or how much they spend thanks to the Cloud platform.

If the balancing between the vehicle and the house was already available, with the incorporation of this new intelligent sensor, it is possible to measure the power of the installation, the demand of the home and the different vehicles connected to the same group to regulate the load between them.

In an autonomous way, each point adjusts its own consumption by distributing the power among its “partners”. A new, more confortable , flexible and efficient way to charge different electric vehicles at the same time.