V2C incorporates the remote control to turn on and turn off the charging points

In line with V2C’s commitment to offer added value at charging points, different improvements have been incorporated to the products. The most recent is the new remote control that allows you to activate and desactivate the charging point of the electric vehicle.

Remote communication with the charging point was already present in V2C through the Cloud V2C platform for online management of the device through the cloud. Remote activation is now incorporated through a new device with the aim to offer advantages in comfort and speed to users, as it can perfectly replace the traditional lock.

In addition to other positive measures implemented throughout recent years, such as dynamic power control, which allows balancing the load between the power required to load the vehicle and other expenses without exceeding the contracted power in the installation.

This new remote control is now available on UP Wallbox and Dark Wallbox models.

Remote control V2C