Cost of recharging an electric car at home

The cost of recharging an electric car at home depends on two factors:

  • Battery capacity of the electric car
  • The rate contracted in the house

One of the most frequent questions when consumers are deciding which type of car to buy (electric car, petrol car, hybrid car), is undoubtedly the cost of charging an electric car at home.

Tarifa Electric Vehicle

Users who buy an electric car can contract a special rate called Electric Vehicle Fee (2.0 DHS). This tariff is formerly known as the Super Valley Rate.

What is the price of the kilowatt with this rate?

It depends on the time of the day when users recharges its electric car.

So, the cost of recharging a car at home according to the contracted rate and the time you carry out the charge would be following:

  • From 1PM to 11PM – the most expensive, as it is the peak period (P1) and comprises a total of 10h.
  • From 11AM to 1AM and from 7AM to 1PM – the intermediate price, it is the valley period (P2) and comprises a total of 8h.
  • From 1AM to 7AM – the cheapest period to charge an electric car. It is the super valley period (P3) and comprises a total of 6h.

According to data from Red Eléctrica de España, during peak hours the kilowatt hour price is 0.13 €/kWh, in the super valley period it is 0.064 €/kWh and in the valley period it is 0.07 €/kWh. To know how much a full battery charge would cost, users should multiply the price of each €/kWh by the number of kWh that the electric car battery has.

Let’s see an example of the cost of recharging an electric car at home.

Electric car model: Kia Soul EV

Battery: 27 kWh

Full battery recharge price at night: € 1.7.

In the case of the Soul EV, a load allows to travel approximately 155 km, so you would hardly spend € 1.20 / 100km.zx

As you know another option is the recharging of the car on public roads. Here you can read how much it costs to recharge an electric car on public roads.