Cost of recharging an electric car on public roads

Users who buy an electric car usually have a charging point in their homes, but what happens when they need to charge an electric car on the street? What happens if we go on a trip with our electric car? How much can it cost us to move sustainable?

In these cases we have different options. In fact sometimes the option of charging an electric car on the street can be free. For example, some shopping centers and hotels have spaces reserved for free recharging of electric cars. Some public administrations also offer this service, such as the Metrolinera Madrid or the fast charging network in Barcelona.

Where to find charging points in Valencia?

Let’s see an example of the options that electric car users have in Valencia. Where can we find the charging points?
According to Electromaps in Valencia we can find 92 charging points in Valencia. 12 of these points are in parking, 14 in hotels , 11 in shopping centers, 22 in the city while some are also in private areas, stores, etc. It is striking that airports are where there are less charge points. In Valencia and Barcelona there is no charging points on airports while there is only one charging point at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport – T2 Preferred Parking.

Charging in companies

The other option that drivers have is to opt for the services that private companies offer through the sale of electricity to recharge electric vehicles. These companies offer different rates depending on the decision of the company, whether the recharge is fast or slow.

Disadvantages of small number of charging points on public roads

Undoubtedly, recharging the car at home will always be cheaper and more comfortable. However, it is very important that cities are committed to incorporating more recharging points in their streets. Recall that many users can be slowed down in the decision to purchase electric vehicles for lack of autonomy, as well as for how, where and when to recharge on public roads.