First Training Session by V2C and University of Zaragoza through the V2C – Smart Energy Chair

Recently, we had the honor of conducting, in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza, the inaugural training session under the V2C – Smart Energy Chair, held at the Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de Teruel (EUPT).

During this training, we delved into significant advancements in intelligent and sustainable energy management, particularly in the context of households and electric vehicles.

Vision and Objectives of V2C

Our CEO, Víctor Sanchis, shared V2C’s vision and objectives within this educational space. He emphasized the importance of facilitating electric vehicle charging using the most advantageous tariffs, “allowing users to activate this process with just a click, eliminating any additional complications.”

Sanchis also highlighted the substantial progress being made through collaboration with the University of Zaragoza. “We are conducting research, creating models, developing algorithms, conducting tests, and simulations to acquire knowledge and apply it to real-life scenarios. Precisely, we plan to introduce the first application for our intelligent chargers to the market before the year concludes“, stated Sanchis.

This brings the V2C – Smart Energy Chair closer to its objective, which is to establish an open system facilitating completely intelligent and autonomous energy consumption management during electric vehicle charging.

Key Role of Engineers

Sanchis underscored the essential role of engineers in this context, explaining how their work in optimization is fundamental to achieving these technological advancements. Students specializing in Electronic and Automation Engineering, as well as Computer Science, had the opportunity to explore professional prospects within this rapidly evolving field.

Educational and Collaborative Impact

This session not only benefited EUPT students but also saw collaboration from the Escuela Universitaria Politécnica, the Foundation Company University of the University of Zaragoza (Feuz), and the University Foundation Antonio Gargallo. The V2C – Smart Energy Chair, focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and established in Teruel this year, spearheaded by Piedad Garrido, aims to unite talent and practical development in this field.

Long-term Perspectives

Our strategic union is directed towards talent acquisition, offering internships, final degree or master’s projects, and long-term proposals to foster education.

This marks just the beginning of an exciting collaboration aiming to promote innovation, learning, and progress in energy sustainability. We are eager to continue developing projects, supporting research, and contributing to the future of intelligent energy.

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