Charging guide for Hyundai Kona

The new KONA Electric is the first fully electric compact SUV in Europe. Its eye-catching design, spaciousness and great range make it a perfect fit for everyday life.


What capacity does the Electric KONA have?

The 64 kWh Hyundai Kona Electric has an exceptional range of up to 449 km on the WLTP cycle driving range on a single charge. At the same time, according to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) the range goes up to 546 km.


How to charge a Hyundai Kona Electric?

The Hyundai Kona Electric uses the CCS charging standard, which consists of a combined AC and DC input port. The upper part of the inlet is for the Type 2 connector. This connector is used when charging at home or at fast AC points and fast points. The lower section below the Type 2 input carries high power during fast DC charging from a CCS connector. The CCS entry of the Hyundai Kona Electric is located behind a flap of what would normally be the grille of a car.

The charge of Hyundai Kona electric can be slow, semi-fast or rapid. This depends on the network and the type of the charging unit. IIn most cases, slow charging requires a 3-pin-to-Type 2 cable. Contrary, fast charging requires Type 2-to-Type 2 cable, which are usually coming with the vehicleFor fast charging, the required CCS connector is attached to the charging unit.

Hyundai Kona Electric Type 2 connector for slow or semi-fast charging

Rapid charger

Charging on AC or DC requires the EV driver to plug the connectors to the correct input. After that the car “communicates” with the charging unit to make sure there is:
  • a power supply,
  • no faults and
  • it safe to start charging.
If charging at home or workplace, a charging point will recognize it and start charging automatically.
When charging on public chargers, owner will have to go through an activation process before starting to charge. This process may require the use of an RFID card or a smartphone application. Activation process depends on the network provider.

How long does it take to charge a Hyundai Kona Electric?

The following table shows approximate time needed to charge a Hyundai Kona Electric. Times are shown for a 100% charge for all but rapid charging. Rapid charging is shown from 0-80%, as most rapid chargers reduce or cut power before 100% charge to protect the battery and maximize efficiency.
Keep in mind that the times shown are only a guide, since in very rare cases an EV must be fully charged from 0%. Charging time may vary.
Aspects that can affect the duration of the charge: ambient temperature,
  • the energy charge in the vehicle,
  • upper and lower charge restrictions to prolong the life of the battery and protect it from possible damages,
  • charging rates decrease as the maximum charge is reached, etc.
50kW 22kW 7kW 3kW
30 mins
4 hours
4 hours
9 hours


Charging a Hyundai Kona Electric at home

Buying a home charging point for a Hyundai Kona Electric is often the most convenient and economical way to recharge an electric car. Most home chargers have power of 3 kW or 7 kW. Higher-horsepower wall-mounted or wallbox units usually cost more than the slower 3 kW option, but they also reduce charging time required for a full charge of an EV for half the time.

Want your private, home charger for Hyundai Kona Electric?

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