POLE: New V2C charging point

POLE is the first recharging point developed under the badge of the new V2C brand. With an innovative and elegant design, it joins the existing recharging points in order to offer the best solution in public roads, public and private institutions and charging stations.

It features LED backlight for the recharge status and full color display, which ensures the user the ability to consult all information in real time on power, intensity or energy consumed while recharging its electric vehicle.

POLE is characterized by its manufacture with high quality materials to make the outdoor recharging easier. Its antivandalic design allows the user to charge simultaneously two vehicles with a maximum power of 22 kW per socket.

Our new product, now on sale, can be included to different platforms due to the incorporation of OCPP protocol. Furthermore, it can be configured with V2C Cloud, which allows you to manage and control the load.

With the new POLE, V2C reinforces its commitment to offer the best recharging solutions, guaranteeing users a range of products with the latest technology and on the leading edge of electric mobility.