V2C presents three new chargers at Power2Drive 2024: Denka, Nett, and Alva

We have introduced three new chargers for electric vehicles at Power2Drive 2024, the most important international event in the field of electric mobility! From 19 to 21 June, Messe München (Germany) has been the chosen venue to showcase our new advanced charging solutions.

These are three new e-Chargers specifically designed to meet charging needs in various environments, from public spaces to high-demand corporate settings. They will be available for commercialisation during 2024, with an exact date yet to be determined.

Three new V2C charging solutions for electric vehicles

At V2C, we have worked intensively in recent months to continue offering innovative and high-quality charging solutions that provide the best experience for our customers. Our team has been focused on developing new technologies that not only meet current market needs but also anticipate future demands of electric mobility. We are proud to present our latest innovations, designed to improve the efficiency and convenience of electric vehicle charging and support the transition to more sustainable mobility.

Denka: our first fast direct current charger

One of the main innovations we unveiled at Power2Drive is Denka, our first fast DC charger. This charger represents a significant milestone for V2C as it combines high efficiency with an elegant and innovative design. With a maximum power of 40kW and a standard CCS Combo connector, Denka is designed to provide fast and efficient charging, significantly reducing the time required to charge an electric vehicle. Additionally, its compact design makes it ideal for installations in spaces where space is limited, without compromising performance or aesthetics.

Nett: efficiency and convenience for public roads

Another exciting addition to our product range is Nett, a charger specifically designed for use on public roads. With the capacity to charge two vehicles simultaneously and equipped with OCPP technology, Nett is the perfect solution to facilitate efficient and convenient charging for multiple users. Each outlet of Nett offers a maximum power of 7.4kW, making it an ideal choice for integration into urban environments.

“Nett is a small, discreet, and sturdy charger that integrates perfectly into the urban environment, facilitating the transition to electric mobility without interfering with the daily life of cities.”
Víctor Sanchis, CEO of V2C

Alva: power and flexibility for corporate environments

Alva is our innovative charging solution for businesses. A charger designed for corporate environments that require a powerful and flexible charging solution. Alva has two outlets providing a maximum power of 22kW each, allowing for fast and efficient charging for the company fleet or visitors. Its design facilitates quick and easy installation, and it is prepared to meet the needs of companies looking to promote sustainable mobility.

Commitment to innovation and sustainability

The presentation of Denka, our first fast DC charger; Nett, an ideal solution for public roads; and Alva, designed for corporate environments, demonstrates our commitment to innovation and sustainability.

We continuously work to develop advanced charging solutions that not only meet current needs but also drive a greener and more efficient future. We are committed to creating products that facilitate the transition to sustainable electric mobility, and our participation in Power2Drive marks a milestone on this path.

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