Ruth Merino, the councillor for Finance, Economy, and Public Administration, visits the new facilities of V2C

Ruth Merino, the councillor for Finance, Economy, and Public Administration, has visited the new facilities of V2C alongside the Director General of the Valencian Institute of Finance, Enrique Montes, to firsthand experience the innovation and cutting-edge technology propelling us towards the future.

During her visit, the councillor has shown great interest in our project and has familiarised herself with the new facilities that we plan to inaugurate soon. This includes a 3,000-square-meter warehouse that will expand our current facilities and is adjacent to the company’s current headquarters.

Merino has highlighted V2C’s project, citing it as an example of business success by combining “technology, innovation, and sustainability”.

Ruth Merino underscores the company’s growth and expansion.

The councillor has emphasised the notable growth and expansion of the brand. Merino has observed firsthand how we have evolved from our beginnings to become a benchmark in the design and manufacture of smart chargers for electric cars.

Additionally, the councillor has recognised the crucial role the company plays in driving the local and regional economy forward, as well as its contribution to technological advancement in the field of sustainable mobility. “V2C makes a firm commitment to the local community, as evidenced by the fact that 85% of its suppliers are from Valencia,” Merino stated.

The councillor also highlighted our company’s impressive trajectory. “V2C is a young company, less than ten years old, but already stands out as a leader in the vehicle electrification sector. The technology and innovation applied throughout the process are the result of a risky bet made when not everyone believed in the future of electric mobility,” she noted.

Ruth Merino visita las instalaciones de V2C

Victor Sanchis, CEO of V2C, has expressed gratitude for her visit and underscored V2C’s commitment to continue driving sustainable mobility in Spain and internationally. “Ruth Merino’s presence at our facilities underscores the regional government’s commitment to Valencia’s economic and technological development. This support strengthens our determination to continue leading the electric mobility industry and actively contribute to Valencia’s sustainable growth and beyond,” Victor Sanchis remarked.

New facilities spanning 3,000 square meters.

With the aim of bolstering our production capacity and meeting growing demand, we have expanded our facilities, unveiling an impressive 3,000-square-meter area that we will inaugurate soon. These modern facilities represent a significant milestone in our business trajectory, allowing us to expand our operations and enhance our efficiency in manufacturing cutting-edge technology.

Equipped with the latest machinery and technology, these facilities provide us with an optimal space to carry out the entire process of design, development, and production of our smart chargers.

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