Wake-up mode, the solution from V2C, to the charging problems of the Renault ZOE Electric!

The Wake-up mode from Trydan by V2C, the electric charger that awakens the Renault ZOE to start the scheduled charging. Many users report issues when scheduling the charging of their Renault ZOE Electric vehicles with different brands of electric car chargers. Therefore, at V2C, we introduce the Wake-up Mode, a new software update for Trydan that allows scheduling the charging of Electric ZOEs and starts the charging when required.

Activate the Wake-up Mode of Trydan Pro, the solution to the charging problems of your Renault Zoe Electric.

If you own a Renault Zoe Electric and face issues with other electric chargers when scheduling a charge, with Trydan from V2C, you won’t encounter any problems. Activate the Wake-up Mode on Trydan from its display and enjoy this revolutionary new mode. No more complications with your Renault Zoe Electric and your electric car chargers, thanks to Trydan’s new functionality.

It’s very easy to activate, you’ll find this option on the display, and you should enable it only if your car doesn’t charge instantly upon connecting it or when it has a scheduled charge. The most common models with this issue are the Renault ZOE and the Dacia Spring. Now Trydan from V2C solves your charging problems with your Renault ZOE Electric and your Dacia Spring!

At V2C, we always listen to our customers to enhance our services. After observing how other brands were experiencing these issues with these vehicles, we have decided to offer users the option to activate Wake-up Mode. This way, you will never encounter problems when starting scheduled charging with a Renault ZOE or Dacia Spring again.

Steps to solve charging issues with your Renault ZOE Electric caused by your electrical installation

The Renault ZOE Electric is also known to have various issues depending on the type of electrical installation to which your electric car charger is connected. Therefore, if you want to charge your Renault ZOE Electric without problems, it is essential to ensure that the electrical network meets certain key requirements. Below, we explain the most important requirements to solve other charging issues with the Renault ZOE Electric.

Problemas Carga Renault Zoe Eléctrico

Check the charging intensity of your ZOE Electric vehicle.

Your ZOE can accept both single-phase charges ranging from 10 to 63 Amperes, and three-phase charges ranging from 16 to 63 Amperes. It is important to note that the 2015 version allows for single-phase charging of up to 32 Amperes.

Carry out an electrical installation with a difference between neutral and ground of less than 10V.

Your installation must include a neutral, as without it, you will experience charging problems with your Renault ZOE Electric. Additionally, the potential difference between neutral and ground must be less than 10V to avoid grounding issues. It is essential for the ground resistance to be less than 150 Ohms per meter and for the noise level not to exceed 4% of the voltage between phase and neutral. Harmonic distortion must comply with standard UNE 61000-2-1.

Most of the setbacks are related to the voltage disparity between neutral and ground, as well as the quality of the ground connection. The ZOE continuously monitors these parameters, so it is possible for the charging to stop if any of them are not optimal. It is also important to consider that connecting additional devices may influence the vehicle charging process

Consider installing a Super-immunized Differential.

We recommend replacing the differential in your electrical installation, opting for a super-immunized differential switch. These devices are available in various features and brands, ensuring reliable protection for your electrical system.”

How to remove the error signal from the car panel?

If the ZOE indicates a charging error, simply close the car, wait a few minutes, and then reopen it. This procedure will update the system status and remove the panel error alert.

With these practical and effective solutions, you’ll be able to enjoy a hassle-free charging experience in your Renault Zoe Electric.”

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