Wallbox PLUS: all recharge options in one

Finally, a charging point for electric vehicles that can be configured for all recharge options.

When we say that Wallbox Plus has all recharge options in one, it is because it adapts to all kinds of situations.
It allows you to:
– plug in more than one vehicle with different sockets
– configure for your community use through your own software,
– allow more public use through RFID technology or
– simply use it to plug in the vacuum and cleaning system to take care of your vehicle.
With a semi-rapid charge of up to 22 kW it is an ideal solution for private and company garages.
Its flexible and customized configuration allows, depending on the product model, a three-phase or single-phase charge. It includes an AC charger with selectable output socket:
– Type 1 (SAE J1772) or
– Type 2 (IEC 62196, “Mennekes”)
Both of them are framed in 3 IEC 61851 mode.
Also, its Socket version can have one or two type 2 plugs.


As it’s the case with other models of WallboxOK, the equipment includes a 5-meter-long cable and a support in the form of basket to place the cable after its use.
The PLUS model keeps all the quality standards of WallboxOK:
– It is made of ABS plastic, material of high strength and rigidity, normally used in the automotive industry. This material is ideal to keep the power electronics of the charging point due to its high resistance to abrasion.
– Degree of mechanical protection: IP54
– Degree of protection: IK10
This point has all the charge options and latest innovations:
– It allows the control of charging speed at any time by means of a front selection display that allows to change the  intensity (from 6 amps to 20 / 32A depending on the model) of each recharge before and during the process.
– Dynamic power control to maintain charge functions simultaneously with other expenses
– Optional RFID technology for shared use
– Dynamic control of photo-voltaic installations