Dark Wallbox with Dynamic Power Control

The Dark Wallbox with Dynamic Power Control is an electric vehicle charger with a semi-fast charge up to 22kW.It’s an ideal solution for vehicle recharging in private and community garages or even in parking spaces. The recharging point has a possibility of connecting to the Cloud WallboxOK. Through the cloud one can manage recharge speed at any time from the front screen. Modification of intensity is possible before and during the recharging process (from 6 amps to 20/32 amps, depending on the model).

One of the most important advantages of the new Dark Wallbox, is the intelligent sensor – dynamic Power Control. This feature doesn’t allow the charge to ever exceeding the power of the installation. Thus, overload problems are being avoided.

In this way, the electric vehicle can charge even if other appliances are connected. Minimum of 1.8kW is a must to guarantee a load.