Where are the charging points for electric cars (PUBLIC)?

We have already talked about how to recharge an electric car on public roads, now we will talk about how to find where the charging points are located on public roads. Here we will give you a list of the best applications through which you can get all the necessary info.


Electrompas is one of the most known applications in Spain and Portugal and is a benchmark in electric mobility since 2009. This app shows the recharge points that exist in the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and the rest of the world through a single map. Users of the application must register in order to add a recharge point. It also has the possibility of including comments and ratings. It is advisable to validate and confirm the existence of the recharge points introduced. Disadvantage is that in some cases modifications are not updated.

More information about this app for locating the public charging points find here – http://www.electromaps.com/

electro maps electric car


Chargemap brings together a large number of user in Europe. It is the largest community of drivers, with 147,142 users. Users have to register to include or consult a charging point for electric cars. Validation processes are very rigorous, so users can trust that the content is up to date.

More information about it –http://es.chargemap.com/

where to charge your electric car

Open Charge Map:

Open charge Map is non-commercial and non-profit application. Its goal is the proliferation of independent maps of recharge locations, aspire to be a reliable reference site. The map includes reviews, corrections, comments, photos, etc. to serve all users.

To find out more, visit –https://openchargemap.org

Open Charge Map


In Spain PlugSurfing remains a practically unknown applications to find an. EV charging point, but it is one of the best known in Germany, where it is very successful. This application has achieved strong investments and is always subject to changes.

Find it here https://www.plugsurfing.com/en/personal/map.html


MOVELE Charging plan

This map can be found on the web page owned by the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), a public business entity attached to the. General Secretariat of Energy of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce in Spain.

It is an unreliable map because of the lack of updates. For example, according to electromaps, in Valencia. there are around 40 charging points for electric cars on public roads, while in MOVELE there is no evidence that there are any recharging points in Valencia.

Check it on the link – http://amm.es/nacionaloffline/m,280/mapa-puntos-de-recarga

movele charging plan