10 reasons to drive an electric vehicle

You are thinking about buying a new car and can’t decide on the brand/model. Maybe an electric car would be the best choice for you and you’re still not aware of it. There are many advantages of electric cars over combustion ones. Clearly, the most obvious advantage of electric cars is the fact that they are environmentally friendly, but do you know others? Here you can find 10 reasons to drive an electric car.

10 reasons to drive an electric vehicle

  1. Environmentally-friendly
  2. No registration tax
  3. 75% less car tax
  4. lifespan of 12 years and less breakdowns
  5. Access to restricted areas to individuals
  6. Up to 400km of range
  7. Free parking or discounts
  8. Diving a quite car
  9. Raising number of charging points
  10. €0.50 per 100km (combustion vehicles: €11.20 per 100km)

*Source: Iberdrola

Now when you are already thinking about buying one you surely have doubts and are asking yourself how to charge it? There is no need to worry.

By the end of 2019, Spain will be equipped with fast charging stations at least every 100km. You will run onto them on main motorways, traffic corridors and public areas. And, if you don’t want to depend on public charging stations, you can always buy your own.

WallboxOK gives you several choices when it comes to charging points for electric cars: