Portable charging points

When we talk about charging points for electric cars we have to consider that in the market there are different types and models. As, we have already talked about the charging points on the wall, now we will show you the different models of portable charging points. The portable chargers allow us to move miles wherever … Read more

Wall-mounted Up Wallbox charging points for electric cars

When we contemplate the possibility of buying an electric vehicle, we. have to take in consideration where to locate the charging point. As we have said in previous articles, there are charging points on public roads, but without a doubt the most practical thing. is to have a charge point at home or in the … Read more

Charge modes and types in the electric car market

  Charge modes of electric cars There are different modes of charging in the market. Charge is connected to the level of communication between the electric vehicle and the recharging infrastructure. (and thus the electrical network), and the control of the charging process. (programming it, checking the status, stopping it, resuming it) Mode 1 Domestic … Read more