V2C launches new charging point: Dark Wallbox

V2C will present Dark Wallbox at Matelec. Matelec is an International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry. The new charger for electric cars represents a big update compared to previous models. of wallboxes, with a new design and more convenient dimensions which will make it more attractive for users.   Dark Wallbox is … Read more

New wallbox: Dark Wallbox by V2C

The wall charging points for electric cars also known as ‘wallbox’ are used for recharging electric vehicles in homes and companies. In V2C we have launched a new model that allows recharging of any electric vehicle – Dark Wallbox. These are V2C’s new Dark Wallboxes. If you want to get more information about it, you … Read more

What is a Wallbox?

cargador eléctrico trydan

We use the term Wallbox to refer to the wall-mounted charging point for electric vehicles. Wallbox refers to the physical system that provides electrical power. to the vehicle plugged in by a cable. This device, powered by alternating current. (either in single or three-phase mode) brings together several components. that make the whole system an … Read more

Wall-mounted Up Wallbox charging points for electric cars

When we contemplate the possibility of buying an electric vehicle, we. have to take in consideration where to locate the charging point. As we have said in previous articles, there are charging points on public roads, but without a doubt the most practical thing. is to have a charge point at home or in the … Read more