Charging points for electric cars in Madrid

In Madrid, there is 24 municipal charging points for electric cars on the public highway. The rest of public charging points are usually found in car parks. When a user wants to recharge his electric car on public roads, he must take into account. that he can only use it for 2 hours. After that time, he must give his place to another user. Also, it’s important to know that these places are not there for parking but only for recharging the electric cars.

The number of charging points for electric cars in Madrid is very low. The owners of electric vehicles in the face of the scarcity of charging places on public roads must recharge their electric cars in their homes.

Of 324 charging points for electric cars in the Community of Madrid, only 24 of them are public. The DGT confirms that there are 5,313 electric vehicles in this region. This means that in Madrid we found a public charging point for every 221 users.

In view of this situation, the City Council of Madrid undertook to install 15 more points.

The charging points in Madrid can be seen in the municipal web map on electric mobility in the city of Madrid.