How can the Trydan charging point be connected to your solar inverter?

The Trydan charging point can be connected to your solar installation in the following 3 ways:

1. Connect Trydan with the V2C 2.0 slave

The Trydan charging point you purchase comes with a meter: the V2C 2.0 slave. This meter allows the connection of up to 6 clamps. For the measurement of single-phase installations, you need 2 clamps: one for the general consumption and one for the solar installation (the latter is not included). This connection must be wired and both clamps are necessary.

2. Connect Trydan with Smart Energy Meters

The Trydan e-Charger can also be connected to commercial Smart Energy Meters via WiFi or wired.

Among the WiFi meters, you can use the well-known meters Shelly and Wibeee. As for the wired meters, you can find, among others, Carlo Gavazzi, Chint, Eastron… These meters do not allow you to view the solar generation on the V2C APP or on the web platform www.v2c.cloud, however, all operating modes (Photovoltaic only, Minimum power and PV + Maximum power) will work correctly.

Your solar inverter may be fitted with one of these meters, allowing you to meter both your charging point and your inverter, without the need to add another one.

3. Connect Trydan directly to the solar inverter

V2C develops the most innovative products, allowing direct connection to your solar inverter. We have developed most of them, and we produce manuals in which we explain the connection process. Among them are Huawei (with the necessary dongle), Kostal (Piko, KSEM, Plenticore), Goodwe, Solis, Greenheiss, SAJ, Fronius, Victron, SolarEdge, Ingeteam, etc. There are other leading brands that we are working to incorporate, such as DEYE or Enphase. Here you can consult the complete list of inverters with direct connection.

Direct connection is mandatory when you have batteries and want to give priority to charging your car over your batteries. Otherwise, the direct connection is not so essential.