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Trydan: unique photovoltaic integration

Trydan incorporates the most innovative photovoltaic integration system available on the market. This system has been meticulously designed to optimise the energy generated by your solar panels to the maximum.


Different types of photovoltaic charging in different time slots

e-Chargers with dynamic power control allow you to charge your car using only surplus solar energy, grid energy or charging at maximum power by combining both. Learn about the different operating modes of solar energy and set each of them according to the time zone. Total control of photovoltaic energy is in your hands!

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How can I integrate photovoltaics with Trydan?

V2C ControlBox (V2C Meter 2.0)

It allows measurements to be taken in both single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic installations.

Other connections

There are other types of protocols and connections that allow the correct operation of dynamic power control without the need to use a physical device.

Smart energy meter or smart meter (WiFi or wired)

This type of meter* does not allow you to view the generated solar energy in the V2C Cloud app or on the web platform www.v2c.cloud. However, all PV operating modes function correctly. Please refer to the list of compatible meters:

WiFi Meters

Hardwired meters

Direct connection to your solar inverter

Trydan connects to most popular inverters** on the market to read consumption data without the need to install a clamp meter.
See the list of compatible inverters:

Hardwired inverters

Inverters by Meter or WiFi

*It is possible that your solar inverter includes one of the compatible meters, which may allow you to perform the measurements without adding a new one.
** Direct connection is mandatory when you have batteries and want to give priority to charging your car over your batteries. Otherwise, the direct connection is not so essential.

Do you need technical support?

Generate a request in the Technical Support Centre and we will contact you as soon as possible to offer you the best solution.