Electric car sales in Spain increased 176% in March

In March, plug-in electric car sales in Spain increased by about 176% year-over-year. Plug-in sales in the previous month hit 2 084 units. Looking at market share, Spain reached 1.7% in March. 1.1% belongs to BEVs and the remaining 0.6% comes from PHEVs. This means Spain continues the growth towards 2% market share. During the … Read more

Charging an electric car: Guide for recharging a Renault ZOE

You want to charge a Renault Zoe? In this guide we are going to talk about how to charge one of the best-selling electric cars in Europe, the Renault ZOE. This electric car has a range of 402 kilometers, with only one load it can drive. Zoe is a good choice for our day to … Read more

Renault electric Zoe: the best selling electric car in 2018

Renault Zoe: the best-selling electric car in 2018. 2018 has come to its end and it has been a great year for a French company. Renault continues to reap the benefits of introducing electric mobility to Spain and takes the spot of the best-selling car in 2018.   Renault has experienced an increase of 25% … Read more

The top sold electric cars in Spain in 2017

The top sold electric cars in Spain in 2017 In 2017, 3,920 electric cars were sold in Spain. It is an optimistic figure, taking into account that sales have increased by 96%. 2017 exceeds by far the 2,005 units of electric cars sold in 2016. Which electric car has been the best-selling in 2017? Undoubtedly, … Read more