Trydan achieves another new challenge: mixed three-phase charging is now included.

The electric mobility industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with a significant increase in the adoption of electric vehicles worldwide. As more people join the transition to more sustainable mobility, the demand for efficient charging infrastructure has become increasingly pressing. In response to this need, V2C has achieved a major technological breakthrough that is set to revolutionise the way electric vehicles are recharged.

Introducing mixed three-phase charging to its chargers

The new charging mode developed by V2C for its Trydan charger, known as “mixed three-phase charging”, represents a significant leap in the efficiency and flexibility of electric vehicle charging. Unlike traditional systems that only offer single-phase or three-phase charging options, this innovative technology allows for the dynamic switching of charging phases, thus optimising the utilisation of available energy.

Trydan con manguera lisa de 5 metros

How three-phase mixed charging works at Trydan

The mixed three-phase charging that V2C has developed for its Trydan charger consists of a dynamic change of activation of the charging phases.

Initially the charging starts with the minimum intensity (by default 6A) in single-phase mode, allowing charging at lower power but taking advantage of every available kW.

Once the single-phase load exceeds 30A of current, the three-phase load is activated. The current drops to 10A and allows power to be increased to 22 kW.

Conversely, when the three-phase load is active, if the current drops below 10A, it automatically enters single-phase mode and changes the current to 30A, allowing a minimum of 1.38kW to be adjusted.

A versatile and sustainable approach

Trydan’s three-phase mixed load has been designed with the specific needs of the V2C Community in mind. This community seeks to maximise the use of renewable energy generated by photovoltaic systems in combination with conventional grid power.

Dynamic switching between single-phase and three-phase load enables intelligent power distribution according to energy consumption and real-time energy availability. In this way, electric vehicle users can optimise the charging of their cars according to the capacity of their electrical installation and the amount of solar energy generated.

Benefits for users and the environment

Trydan’s three-phase mixed charging offers a number of significant benefits for both electric vehicle users and the environment:

  • Increased charging efficiency: By adapting to the specific characteristics of each electrical installation and the type of energy available, electric vehicles will charge more efficiently, reducing the time needed to reach full charge.
  • Optimisation of solar energy: PV system owners will be able to make the most of the clean energy they generate, as the mixed three-phase load automatically adjusts to the solar production capacity in real time.
  • Reduced energy consumption: By using available energy more efficiently, energy consumption from the grid is minimised, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: Trydan’s mixed three-phase charging adapts to different scenarios and environments, allowing greater versatility for users and better integration of electric vehicles into the overall electricity system.

Towards a more sustainable electric future

With the introduction of three-phase mixed charging, V2C demonstrates its commitment to innovation and the development of advanced technologies to drive electric mobility in a sustainable way.

This new functionality on its flagship charger, Trydan, highlights the crucial role companies play in promoting solutions that contribute to reducing emissions and moving towards a cleaner, more environmentally responsible future.

Progress in electric mobility depends not only on the growth of the electric vehicle fleet, but also on the implementation of efficient and environmentally friendly charging infrastructures. Trydan’s three-phase mixed charging is a step in this direction and represents a promising solution to meet the current and future challenges in the field of electromobility.

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